Why We Are Investing in Horseracing

When my husband decided we needed to expand our investments, I thought that meant looking into other stocks and bonds for our financial portfolio. What I was not expecting was for him to show me a website about racehorse trainers. We have both been to the horse races a few times and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, but we had never talked about entering into this field ourselves. I was intrigued though because my husband always makes sound decisions, so I knew that he had to have researched this himself quite well before showing it to me.

When I first looked at the site for Kim Bailey Racing, I was quite impressed over the power of the horses. They are such beautiful animals, and they are quite strong as well. Their strength and intelligence is what makes them such great racehorses, and the staff and trainers at Kim Bailey’s knows just how to bring out the best in every horse they train. What makes this particular racing business such a success is because Bailey himself comes from a background of horse racing and knows what is important in this field in order to make strong horses excellent in the race field.

I liked everything I saw, so we started looking at different horses for sale. We already knew that we were going to use Bailey’s Racing business to train the horse we selected, so it was nice to see that they did a lot of the homework for us. We were able to look at horses right on their site, which is how we found the one that we wanted to invest in. I know that this is a huge risk, but it is one that we are making confidently because we have the best trainers in the area helping us with it too!