We Needed It Fixed Quickly

As a station manager at a very, very small televisions station, I recently needed some broadcast equipment repair on a very old audio mixer or else we would likely have to fade to black. It was that serious. Either the equipment got fixed or our reruns of old television programs would go to air without sound. Some wit threw out the idea of broadcasting the shows with subtitles or closed captioning, an idea none of us thought was amusing.

This piece of equipment is always fouling up, but we’re very small and run on a contract with the local cable company and can’t afford to drop tens of thousands on a state of the art piece of audio equipment. We had to get this thing running again or risk shutting down. Doing so would cost us a lot of money in fines with the cable company as we’re required to provide a certain number of hours of transmission due to our contract.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but the guy who fixes everything from this piece of equipment to the coffee maker in the break room is in the hospital with a fractured leg and it was absolutely impossible to get him down to the station in order to fix the problem. In a pinch we found a company who works on broadcast equipment and we called them in a hurry. They came by quickly, once the situation was explained, and we were astonished that they got this old rig to work. We figured no one would know how to get this thing going again, but they managed to fix it. We were so pleased with the service that we are definitely going to keep this company on speed dial just in case we need an emergency troubleshooter again. They saved the day.