The Threat of Asbestos Still Lives

Last year I bought a really old home for a decent price. I thought the price was a steal, especially since no one else was making a play for it. I couldn’t figure out why the house was priced the way it was and why no one else was going after it. When I looking at the construction date of the house, I realized why everyone was avoiding this house. The home had been built in the days when asbestos had still been used in construction. I needed to have asbestos removal in Sydney in order to make the home fit for people to live in.

An inspector looked at the home and determined that asbestos had been used in almost all of the home. Removing and replacing the asbestos would not be an easy task. The task is time consuming and drives up the cost of the home. I let a removal crew get to work on removing the asbestos while I continued to live in my apartment. Modern day insulation doesn’t have any of the deadly properties that asbestos has, and it’s cheaper.

While the home was being worked on, I made arrangements to have it tested for lead paint. Lead paint was still in use when the home was made, so there was a high chance that at least some part of the home would be covered in it. The test concluded that the inside of the home was safe from lead paint, but the outer paint was lead based. The chances of me going outside and coming in contact with the paint were slim to none, but I didn’t feel entirely safe knowing that the paint was still there. I bought some paint cans from the local hardware store and painted over the lead paint in an afternoon.