The Summer Music is Alive in Brooklyn

New York is a place that never sleeps, and it is known for its nightlife all year round. From May through August, much of that nightlife is moved outdoors as Brooklyn turns into a haven for music, filled with the sounds and lights of the concert stage. This is an event that locals and visitors look forward to every year, and it never disappoints. Whether your taste is for jazz, country, rock, pop or opera, there is an event that can appeal to you in the summer months in Brooklyn. Past acts have included No Doubt, Gary Clark Jr. and The Metropolitan Opera. Kid friendly acts are easy to find too, so there is no need to stay in doors if you can’t find a sitter. Many concerts are free, but some do charge a nominal fee. Most begin around 7 p.m. and end close to 11 or 12. These concerts are always popular with the locals, but they can sometimes bring extra traffic and noise to the area, making them a little less convenient for those living directly in the area. Fortunately, most take place in open parks or outdoor arenas, so the locals living directly in the area are limited and complaints are minimal. In addition to bringing music and fun to the area, these concerts bring revenue too. Many local vendors will stay open late and serve special meals to accommodate concert goers. There’s no shortage of beverages, both alcoholic and non, which often keeps the party going late into the night. Brooklyn is a great place to live and a fun place to visit, and the evening concerts through the summer months only add to the fun. The lineup for next year is likely already in the making, bringing more great music to this fabulous part of the city.