Putting the Other Companies to Shame

After being annoyed with the terrible greeting cards that I had seen in the stores for many years, I decided that I would take matters into my own hands. I was pretty good at drawing and making art, and I knew a thing or two about how to use card stock, so I decided that I would make my own greeting cards. The cards were so good that people suggested that I open my own business. I contacted a company for small business web design in Brisbane, because I wanted to create a website that would advertise my cards and let people order them.

The company was able to work with me to make some prototype designs for the website, and I chose the one that I felt would best suit what I was trying to accomplish with my business. I wanted the website to have a happy theme, rather than something that looked cold and industrial. After all, the business would be selling greeting cards for different occasions. The cards would be used to invoke a particular emotion in a person, so I wanted the website to do the same for the visitors.

Once the website was done, I took some pictures of the cards that I had already made and placed them on the site. The cards ranged from standard cards with neat art and embossed designs, to more complex cards with pop up art, lights, and even sounds. Coming up with unique card designs can sometimes be a challenge, but once I get a good idea, it’s easy to start making the card. The card that most people like to buy is a happy birthday card that plays the happy birthday song. This card has a set of paper balloons that pop up out of the card when it’s opened.