A Website for My Mom’s Catering Company

My mom runs a catering service. She gets the majority of her business from word of mouth from former clients, so she didn’t feel she needed to have a website. I knew that her customers would appreciate it though, and she would probably get more business as well, something she could definitely handle. I looked into companies that are local and that specialize in small business website design. I wanted to get all of the details on how much it would cost her before I tried to convince her one more time that she needed to have this.

I was able to find a local company that offers not only amazing prices but also great website designs too. Continue reading A Website for My Mom’s Catering Company

An Affiliate Marketing Program That Works

When I decided that I wanted to work for myself, I knew that I was going to have to develop a plan that works for my situation. My husband has a great job where he is able to pay all of our bills with his income, so my earnings were mostly for rainy day activities and spending money. I wanted to spend more time at home with the kids though, which is why I decided to see if there was a passive way I could earn income. I did a search for Wealthy Affiliate reviews complaints after reading some good things about it on a moms forum that I belong to.

Some of the other moms there were making a great income from it, but I still wanted to research it on my own first. I did not want to go to the actual website to learn more just yet, because I know that sites can put whatever information they want to on their own sites. Continue reading An Affiliate Marketing Program That Works

I Needed Help Getting Employers Interested in Me

Many years ago, I heard that if you are serious about landing a job, you should spend eight hours per day sending out resumes and making inquiries. I believe that is important. But despite me doing that every day of the week, I was having trouble getting anyone to call me back for an interview. This is when I read an article that explained that a bad resume can keep you from getting calls from prospective companies. This is when I decided to hire a resume consultant to go over mine with a fine tooth comb.

I am the one who put together my original resume. Continue reading I Needed Help Getting Employers Interested in Me

The Threat of Asbestos Still Lives

Last year I bought a really old home for a decent price. I thought the price was a steal, especially since no one else was making a play for it. I couldn’t figure out why the house was priced the way it was and why no one else was going after it. When I looking at the construction date of the house, I realized why everyone was avoiding this house. The home had been built in the days when asbestos had still been used in construction. I needed to have asbestos removal in Sydney in order to make the home fit for people to live in.

An inspector looked at the home and determined that asbestos had been used in almost all of the home. Removing and replacing the asbestos would not be an easy task. The task is time consuming and drives up the cost of the home. I let a removal crew get to work on removing the asbestos while I continued to live in my apartment. Modern day insulation doesn’t have any of the deadly properties that asbestos has, and it’s cheaper.

While the home was being worked on, I made arrangements to have it tested for lead paint. Lead paint was still in use when the home was made, so there was a high chance that at least some part of the home would be covered in it. The test concluded that the inside of the home was safe from lead paint, but the outer paint was lead based. The chances of me going outside and coming in contact with the paint were slim to none, but I didn’t feel entirely safe knowing that the paint was still there. I bought some paint cans from the local hardware store and painted over the lead paint in an afternoon.

A Hack to Trump Instagram

Instagram is a great tool and website to use, but it has the restriciton that it can only be used if you first create an account through a smartphone. I don’t have a smartphone, so I’ve been stuck watching everyone else use Instagram while I envy them. In the past, I tried various work arounds, such as trying to run Android on my computer to emulate a phone and attempting to sign up that way, but it didn’t work. It wasn’t until I found out about a neat little Instagram hack that I was able to make my own account.

I was searching the Internet one day for a completely unrelated matter and I found a forum that mentioned the hack. I wasn’t sure if I should try it out, because I was afraid that it might be something that would cause me to get malware or a virus. I put my fears behind me and went to a link that told me how to use the hack. I tried the hack out for myself and it allowed me to create my own Instagram account with my own password. I can access the account from any web browser on any device.

On my account, I’ve been uploading varous photos that I’ve taken with my digital camera and playing around with the different filters. The filters make it easier to give photos various effects without being a professional at a photo editing software. Without Instagram, I would use a program to replicate the effect of the filters, and then it usually didn’t work out exactly how I wanted it. Now everything just works the first time, and everyone enjoys the photos I upload. They keep sending them to their friends and commenting on them. My favorite photo is one I took of my dog.

Lowest Prices on Electricity in Texas

A couple of weeks ago, my father was diagnosed with a disease that will likely kill him in the next five years. I do not want to dwell on that thought, but it is kind of hard to get it out of my head. Anyway, as a result of receiving this news, I have decided to move back to Texas, in order to be closer to him. That is why I just purchased a house and now I need to get everything set up. I would like to look into texas energy companies in temple tx as that is where my father is living right now, and that is also where I have just bought a house.

I am going to have to put my old house on the market soon, but I might not sell it just yet; that depends on a few factors, and I am not ready to figure that all out at the moment. Continue reading Lowest Prices on Electricity in Texas

Getting ADT Security for a College Student Living off Campus

When our little girl was old enough to go to college she was adamant about not wanting to do the “dorm thing” as she called it. She wanted off-campus housing away from the other kids. She said that her education is costing money, and she is not going to get into the partying at all like she expected her peers to. My wife and I got ADT for her apartment before she even moved in. The apartment was in a building with families and other non-college student tenants. She was the only student of the local college in the apartment. There was no special security there that your might find for on-campus dwellings.

I must admit that this new independence going from her bedroom just being down the hall from ours to living alone in an apartment building was not easy for me. Surprisingly my wife was a bit more at ease with it. Dad’s are extremely protective of daughters. Continue reading Getting ADT Security for a College Student Living off Campus

Brooklyn’s Favorite Live Music Acts

 ... Petty, Gary Clark Jr., Chuck Leavell, Al Green, The Beach Boys, etcBrooklyn, NYC has a very active night life as well as some great venues that can cater to real music lovers. Live music is just one of the many ways that visitors or residents of Brooklyn can enjoy the life. This article will give you some great venues that enable you to enjoy music and entertainment in the city.

Discover a new band and become a fan every night of the week by checking out what Union Hall has to offer. Each night is a surprise with a different genre of music playing. No matter your musical taste, you are sure to enjoy a night out in the heart of Park Slope.

If you enjoy indie rock, hip-hop or even jazz, consider paying a visit to the Littlefield venue. It is housed a warehouse, but the massive space allows a diversity of events, not just bands. Year round visitors can even enjoy art exhibits and literary events to their heart’s content.

If you enjoy rock music and the convenience of having a bar nearby, you can spend a night out at The Rock Shop. Continue reading Brooklyn’s Favorite Live Music Acts

The Summer Music is Alive in Brooklyn

New York is a place that never sleeps, and it is known for its nightlife all year round. From May through August, much of that nightlife is moved outdoors as Brooklyn turns into a haven for music, filled with the sounds and lights of the concert stage. This is an event that locals and visitors look forward to every year, and it never disappoints. Whether your taste is for jazz, country, rock, pop or opera, there is an event that can appeal to you in the summer months in Brooklyn. Past acts have included No Doubt, Gary Clark Jr. and The Metropolitan Opera. Kid friendly acts are easy to find too, so there is no need to stay in doors if you can’t find a sitter. Many concerts are free, but some do charge a nominal fee. Most begin around 7 p.m. Continue reading The Summer Music is Alive in Brooklyn