My Nails Never Looked Better

I had to look around a bit to find a gel manicure in Singapore, but I finally found a place that does them. I used to do my nails myself with acrylic polish, but the problem doing it this way is that you get lots of chips and the polish wears off fast. I don’t like to change my polish all that often because I’m a busy person and the process of removing the polish, putting on fresh polish, and then letting them dry takes way too long for me. A friend told me to check into gel manicures.

It turns out this is exactly what I needed! Say goodbye to cruddy old acrylic polish and say hello to a technique that looks better, lasts longer, and stands up to the wear and tear that usually demolishes regular polish. I went in for a manicure and watched with some fascination as they started to apply the gel. They use these little cups that have the gel in them and then carefully apply it to your nails. They finish the process by applying UV light to the nails so that it seals the manicure in place. It’s positively amazing.

So how does it stack up with my previous polishes? It’s night and day. I’ve been wearing this stuff for days now and I don’t notice any marks, chips, or scratches anywhere on them. I’ve looked closely and I can’t see a single mark. That’s impressive. Even better is that they haven’t lost their luster. They look like the gel just got applied. I can’t ever see myself going back to the old way of doing my nails. It’s just too time consuming and doesn’t look nearly as good as the gel manicure. I’m already passing the word on to all my friends about them.