Making a Change Was Necessary for a Good Future

I had worked in retail for many years, and I learned the ins and outs of running a store after I became a manager at one. I worked there for about 15 years and was pain well. I decided to open a store of my own. I told cheap smartphones and a lot of other merchandise that people really need. My goal was to try to stay in business by offering things for sale that people not only want, but they really need. It was working out well for me. I liked being able to stay ahead of other nearby businesses with the great idea that I had.

I was not always so with it when it comes to working. I had always been so flighty in my teens and twenties. I was often fired from a variety of jobs because I partied too much and often did not make it into work on too many occasions. I knew that it was the wrong way to live, but I didn’t care because I was having fun. As my bills piled up and I ruined my credit because I could not afford to pay all my bills, I started to mature much more. I became more focused and began caring more about what I needed to do in life. That is how I came to be a manager.

Opening a place of my own gave me even more purpose in life. I knew that I could not let down my husband and children by failing with a company of my own. They depended on me. When my husband saw how well things were working out, he decided to come work with me. I really enjoy going to work every day with him at my side. We make a good couple in all other avenues in life and working together has been no different.