Letting Go of Old Memories

My uncle had a bit of a problem. He was a hoarder and over the years he collected a lot of items that were just sitting around his house unused. My brother and I decided that we would help him get his house in order by helping him throw out some things. He wasn’t eager to do this and he would try to save anything that would be headed towards the garbage can. It was a slow process, but we threw away a lot of items. We looked at some cleaning services in Singapore, because even though we threw a lot of things away, the house still needed to be cleaned.

While the cleaning service was doing their job, we took our uncle out to have some fun. He likes to watch science fiction movies, and there was a new movie in a franchise that we watches often. He was going to wait for the movie to come out on streaming services, but we thought it would be better if he didn’t have to wait. We even went to the cinema that gives out glasses for viewing the movie in 3D. We split a large bucket of popcorn and some nachos.

My uncle was glad that my brother and I took him out and helped him clean his house. Since his wife died, he hasn’t been the same, and the house was evidence of this. I think he started hoarding because he didn’t want to handle the loss and deal with letting go. Every thing that he kept seemed to have some kind of memory attached to it, even small things that seemed insignificant to the average person. This moment was a life changing event for him. My brother and I keep coming to his house to make sure he doesn’t change back.