I Needed to Redo My Website

When my website was designed years ago, it was created with the thought that people would access it with their desktop computers and laptops. There was never much thought given to people using mobile devices or tablets, because those things just were not around like they are today. Because of that, my site looks great for the people who access it from a computer, but it is sorely lacking for those who look at it from a cell phone or a tablet computer. I needed to find a company that does web design in Roswell so I could have it redesigned for the mobile users.

I knew that this was a necessity because I use my own cell phone to look up things on the net more than I use my home computer. When I am at work, I will use my work desktop, but I am looking up personal things during that time. I knew that most other people were probably like that too, so my website was pretty useless for the majority of people who would try to go there. I accessed it from my own phone and didn’t want to continue on it, and it was my own site!

I was able to find a design team in Roswell who are experts at what they do. I thought they would just need to add some code to make my site accessible from a mobile phone, but it turned out to be a bit more complicated than that. They ended up redesigning my entire site, and that is how I have ended up with the gorgeous website that I have now. I know that this was the right move too, because my bottom line has increased a great deal just since I have had this done. My only regret is that I was not wise enough to do this much earlier than I did!