I Needed Help Getting Employers Interested in Me

Many years ago, I heard that if you are serious about landing a job, you should spend eight hours per day sending out resumes and making inquiries. I believe that is important. But despite me doing that every day of the week, I was having trouble getting anyone to call me back for an interview. This is when I read an article that explained that a bad resume can keep you from getting calls from prospective companies. This is when I decided to hire a resume consultant to go over mine with a fine tooth comb.

I am the one who put together my original resume. I did it about 15 years ago using the help of a word processing program. Over time, I simply added updated info to each new job to keep my resume current, but that is about all I did when it came to updating. I realized this is a really big mistake. You need to change with the times. Things that were common to say on the paper you hand a prospective employer may have been okay 10 years ago, but may be outdated or frowned upon in a big way in today’s job market.

I am not really good with words or even selling myself. So, that’s how I knew that I would need a pro to handle that for me. All they did was to ask me some really important questions to get to know me. I gave them some of my job background, and helped them understand what type of job that I want to land. Then, they got to work making some changes that would help put me into a more favorable light when others read about my past job experience. I have to say that it worked because I started getting calls immediately for interviews.