I Am Not Good at Rock Climbing

When I started dating Jennie I told her that I liked to hike and do lots of outdoor stuff. Of course that was not really exactly true, but I was certainly willing to go hiking with her, the girl really has it going on. The hiking has been fine, but I really bit off more than I wanted to chew when it came to rock climbing. I did not lie about that, but I told her I was willing to learn if she wanted to teach me. That involves a good deal of falling, a Campbell chiropractor just finished adjusting my back. I guess it is sort of like whiplash, because I never really hit anything, but I kept falling off the rock face. It was a good thing that the safety line was there and that it was well secured in the rock face, but that did not mean that it did not hurt. There is obviously a suddenly stop when you get to the end of the fall and some of the time I was falling a good distance.

It was not immediately obvious that the falling had hurt me, although when I got back home I was pretty sore. Jennie felt sorry for me and she was really trying to tell me that I had done well, even though I do not think that she believed that in the least. I got a heating pad out of the closet and I used it, that was not uncommon for me. I have to use it all of the time after I play basketball. The next morning it was pretty clear that my back was going to be a real problem, but I went a couple of days hoping that it would get better on it’s own. That did not happen.