Give Your Pet Canaries a Real Treat!

We bought a canary for our son. He wanted a bird as a pet. He thought it was lonely after a month or so, and then we decided to get another one. We have one male and one female bird now. Then we noticed that they never sang. There was rarely a peep out of them. We are always concerned about animals. We want them to be happy. We got them a bigger shelter, and we bought them a canary singing CD. They were hatched in captivity, so they could never be let out into the wild to live free. A predator would snatch them up in a hurry.

We played the CD on repeat. We left it play the whole time we were gone at work and school. We bought them the second canary singing CD that is available too. It was not long that they were both singing the songs of their wild relatives. It was amazing to hear them answering the songs and calls on the CD. They got a lot more lively. They seemed to enjoy interacting with our son. He really bonded with the both of them. They would climb on him and go to sleep. He is so gentle with animals.

The birds had their favorite songs that they would do. I had heard both of those CDs so many times that I could probably whistle a few of the songs! Anyway, since I was so familiar with them, I could tell when our birds were adapting and doing their own versions of songs. It was so interesting to hear them develop their language as birds. They just needed the proper motivation to do it. The CDs were a really valuable purchase for us. They brought our birds out of their shell. Pardon the pun!