Getting ADT Security for a College Student Living off Campus

When our little girl was old enough to go to college she was adamant about not wanting to do the “dorm thing” as she called it. She wanted off-campus housing away from the other kids. She said that her education is costing money, and she is not going to get into the partying at all like she expected her peers to. My wife and I got ADT for her apartment before she even moved in. The apartment was in a building with families and other non-college student tenants. She was the only student of the local college in the apartment. There was no special security there that your might find for on-campus dwellings.

I must admit that this new independence going from her bedroom just being down the hall from ours to living alone in an apartment building was not easy for me. Surprisingly my wife was a bit more at ease with it. Dad’s are extremely protective of daughters. I guess men just know the potential nature of men and it is scary. I can’t be there guarding her front door with a shotgun, so I decided a monitored alarm system might be very helpful. I actually considered getting her a trained dog, but the apartment does not allow pets. If you are a dad of a young woman, you know where I am coming from.

The alarm system not only gives her early warning of an intrusion, it also protects her with smoke detection as well as continually monitoring for carbon monoxide. She did tell me that it does give her peace of mind a boost, especially when she turns out the light at night to sleep. Of course I wish I could always be there to protect here. Since I cannot, I take steps to make sure she is protected as much as possible while still encouraging her to explore the freedom to be an adult.