Fun Party Theme for My Gardening Best Friend

My best friend is an incredible gardener. She grows everything from flowers to vegetables and maintains a small orchard of fruit trees in her yard as well. When her birthday was approaching, I gathered up her family and friends and we wanted to play a bit of a prank on her by placing gigantic fruits and vegetables throughout her garden and trees. To that end, I found a large overwatch onion plush toy that I simply could not resist. It had the cutest face and I knew several would look so cute nestled amongst her real onions in her garden.

Getting my friend to leave her house so we could adorn her trees and garden with our fun fruit and vegetable replicas was much more difficult than finding the over-sized food we would be decorating with. I enlisted the help of my friend’s mom who agreed to call and claim she needed a ride to her doctor to get my friend out of her house. As soon as I spotted my friend driving away, we went to work setting up for the party. In the end, her garden looked as if a giant had been tending it with my big cute onions, some huge pea pods, a six foot long ear of corn and tomatoes the size of basketballs. The trees were all filled with big plush apples and another friend found some giant plastic peaches that we hung up as well. Her flower beds were filled with over-sized silk daisies in wild neon colors too.

By the time my friend arrived home after a wild goose chase with her mother, her yard looked like something out of an animated wonderland. She got such a good laugh because of our efforts and after the party she sent us all home with big baskets of real fruit and vegetables and we left her with her yard filled with the toys we had found.