Easier to Find at Home

Finding pedicure services in Singapore is a lot easier to me than finding them in Australia. I stayed in Australia for two years while in college and finding a good place for a pedicure was so hard that I went back to doing my own. I missed being able to just walk to the nearest pedicure place and sit in the chair. Once I got back to Singapore, the first thing I did was get a pedicure. Hunger, thirst, and unpacking all took a back seat to getting my toes to look their best.

I usually get a pedicure done once a month. Sometimes I’ll get a manicure if I feel like it, but more often than not I won’t. I prefer to get a pedicure alone because I want to just relax and not think about anyone else or anything. Occasionally I’ll go with a friend if we want to catch up and hang out, but I don’t make a habit out of it. My mother is the opposite of me when it comes to pedicures. She’ll go with all of her friends and they’ll just talk about anything and everything. I guess when you get older, you tend to gossip more.

My mother once tried to get my father to get a pedicure, but he didn’t want to do it. She kept trying to tell him that all of the men are doing it, but he wasn’t buying it at all. I don’t think he would even get a pedicure if his life depended on it. I understand why most guys don’t get pedicures. It’s something that has been seen as feminine for many years, and if their friends found out they were getting pedicures, they would probably laugh at them. Then again, they laugh at each other for just about everything anyway.