Better Scale for Our Shipping Department

I looked into mettler toledo scales recently as a way to improve my bottom line with my online business. I sell a lot of stuff on a major internet auction site, mostly stuff I make at home but also things like vitamin supplements that I buy in bulk from companies overseas and then sell for less than major retailers, so I’m always boxing stuff up and moving car loads of packages to the local post office. I mentioned my shipping department, which I can kind of say with a grin, because it’s just me in a spare bedroom boxing stuff up.

I noticed recently that I’m losing a lot of money by not carefully weighing my packages before sending them. I always thought that might be a problem, but figured the loss was minimal. You can imagine my horror when my husband started adding up some figures and explained exactly how much I was overpaying with postage due to not paying attention to this issue. It is a large amount of money, and it is only getting larger as my business is growing. Obviously, I needed to get serious about my shipping options.

I decided to get a scale because trying to weight the stuff at the post office is a pain. I needed something I could use right here in the house so I could know what the postage would cost down to the penny. The toledo scale I ended up purchasing is just amazing. It’s accuracy is really breathtaking. You can tell the difference in weight between using one layer of tape or two. It’s that sensitive. I wasn’t aware of any groundbreaking technological breakthroughs in scale technology, but someone really but this scale together in a way that is amazing to behold. I’m figuring I’ll save a few hundred dollars a month thanks to this device!