A Website for My Mom’s Catering Company

My mom runs a catering service. She gets the majority of her business from word of mouth from former clients, so she didn’t feel she needed to have a website. I knew that her customers would appreciate it though, and she would probably get more business as well, something she could definitely handle. I looked into companies that are local and that specialize in small business website design. I wanted to get all of the details on how much it would cost her before I tried to convince her one more time that she needed to have this.

I was able to find a local company that offers not only amazing prices but also great website designs too. I was impressed with the sample website designs that they showed on their homepage. I was able to click through and look at all of the things that my mom would be able to have on her website. I knew that she would have a hard time resisting after I showed her the different designs. I know that a lot of her customers have asked her for her website address, and she has to tell them that she does not have one.

That all changed when I showed her the information from this local web design company. She goes online a good bit, so she was able to recognize that they are skilled in the web design business. I showed her sample pages she could have, which mainly include various menus. She could also have one page dedicated just to photos of past events so potential customers are able to see the layout when her crew is working an event. She decided to go ahead and get this website done, and her business has picked up a great deal since she made that decision.