A Little Cash from Free Junk

It’s always polite to take a free gift, even if you aren’t sure what to do with it. A friend of mine had a lot of old mechanical items that he wanted to get rid off. He came to me first, because he thought I would be interested. I sometimes like to work with mechanical items, but I don’t generally collect anything because I hate dealing with clutter. Still, I took the items and took them apart to see if I could do anything with them. Then I remember that the cost of copper per pound was at a reasonable rate and decided that it would be best to harvest as much copper from the items so I could get some money.

Most of the items that my friend gave me were beyond help and could not be made functional again, at least not without paying a lot for the parts necessary to make them function. Sometimes it’s just not worth it to repair some things when you can salvage parts from them to use in other things or to sell for a profit. Once I extracted everything I needed from the mechanical items, I discarded the bits that I didn’t need and took the rest down to the scrap place to exchange for money. Exchanging copper for cash is a little similar to exchanging soda cans for cash, except you get a lot more money.

Using the money I got from the copper, I bought a coffee machine that I had my eye on. The machine takes these little pods and brews whatever coffee is in them. You can even buy reusable pods and add your own coffee. I prefer to use a nice French roast in the machine when I want to wake up, along with an egg and a piece of toast.