A Hack to Trump Instagram

Instagram is a great tool and website to use, but it has the restriciton that it can only be used if you first create an account through a smartphone. I don’t have a smartphone, so I’ve been stuck watching everyone else use Instagram while I envy them. In the past, I tried various work arounds, such as trying to run Android on my computer to emulate a phone and attempting to sign up that way, but it didn’t work. It wasn’t until I found out about a neat little Instagram hack that I was able to make my own account.

I was searching the Internet one day for a completely unrelated matter and I found a forum that mentioned the hack. I wasn’t sure if I should try it out, because I was afraid that it might be something that would cause me to get malware or a virus. I put my fears behind me and went to a link that told me how to use the hack. I tried the hack out for myself and it allowed me to create my own Instagram account with my own password. I can access the account from any web browser on any device.

On my account, I’ve been uploading varous photos that I’ve taken with my digital camera and playing around with the different filters. The filters make it easier to give photos various effects without being a professional at a photo editing software. Without Instagram, I would use a program to replicate the effect of the filters, and then it usually didn’t work out exactly how I wanted it. Now everything just works the first time, and everyone enjoys the photos I upload. They keep sending them to their friends and commenting on them. My favorite photo is one I took of my dog.