A Good Way to Repair a Wrist Injury

I spent some time recently with a chiropractor in Mesa AZ due to a persistent wrist injury that simply would not go away. Maybe it’s because I’m older and injuries tend to hang around longer. More likely the problem was misdiagnosed by my doctor. What happened was that my dog got out of the house and made a break for freedom. I raced out the back door after him and promptly tripped over a garden hose my husband left lying out in the yard. I tried to stop my fall with my hands and seriously hurt my wrist.

My doctor said nothing looked torn but still put me in one of those short casts you sometimes see on people who have carpal tunnel syndrome. A few week later the thing came off, but my wrist didn’t feel better. It was weak and very difficult for me to grasp objects. Even if I could get a grip on something, I would usually drop it as I didn’t seem to have any strength to hold on to the item for more than a few seconds. My husband finally looked online and said we should visit a chiropractor as they have some techniques that could help.

So we made an appointment and went in to see what could be done. My main concern was needing to have surgery to fix the problem. Surgery can have consequences years down the road and I didn’t want to risk it. The chiropractor examined my wrist and then started moving it around and stretching it. I thought for sure I’d be screaming in pain, so it was a pleasant surprise when I suddenly noticed the weakness was gone! I couldn’t believe something so effective could be done so quickly. Moreover, he told me I didn’t even need that cast. I’ll be sure to come back here with any other problems.