This Apartment is Bug Free

One night when I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, I saw a scorpion crawling around on the counter near the sink. I was scared that it would walk over to me and try to pinch me or sting me with its stinger. I used my glass to trap the scorpion until the morning, when I called the owner. Apparently, other people had seen scorpions in their apartments too. I saw this as a sign that I should move to somewhere less infested. I went to and got an apartment as soon as I was able to get out of my lease.

Admit tingly, I had been looking at the apartments on this website for some time because I had been thinking about moving out. I wasn’t as interested in the apartment I was living in as I was when I first got there. I moved in because I really needed a place to stay, but things are different now. I never liked the amount of noise that can be heard in the apartments. Sometimes I swear the walls are paper thin. There was only one option for Internet and cable, and it was slow and didn’t have many channels.

At the new apartment from the website, things are much better, and the best part is that there are no scorpions. There are still people who get loud, but I can’t hear them when they make a lot of noise. The only time I can hear them is when they open their doors and I’m already in the hallway. They can play music as loud as they want or get into all sorts of arguments and I wouldn’t hear them. There were better options for Internet and cable access in the apartment, and there’s also a nice pool to swim in on those hot days.

Better Scale for Our Shipping Department

I looked into mettler toledo scales recently as a way to improve my bottom line with my online business. I sell a lot of stuff on a major internet auction site, mostly stuff I make at home but also things like vitamin supplements that I buy in bulk from companies overseas and then sell for less than major retailers, so I’m always boxing stuff up and moving car loads of packages to the local post office. I mentioned my shipping department, which I can kind of say with a grin, because it’s just me in a spare bedroom boxing stuff up.

I noticed recently that I’m losing a lot of money by not carefully weighing my packages before sending them. I always thought that might be a problem, but figured the loss was minimal. You can imagine my horror when my husband started adding up some figures and explained exactly how much I was overpaying with postage due to not paying attention to this issue. Continue reading Better Scale for Our Shipping Department

A Little Cash from Free Junk

It’s always polite to take a free gift, even if you aren’t sure what to do with it. A friend of mine had a lot of old mechanical items that he wanted to get rid off. He came to me first, because he thought I would be interested. I sometimes like to work with mechanical items, but I don’t generally collect anything because I hate dealing with clutter. Still, I took the items and took them apart to see if I could do anything with them. Then I remember that the cost of copper per pound was at a reasonable rate and decided that it would be best to harvest as much copper from the items so I could get some money.

Most of the items that my friend gave me were beyond help and could not be made functional again, at least not without paying a lot for the parts necessary to make them function. Continue reading A Little Cash from Free Junk

I Am Not Good at Rock Climbing

When I started dating Jennie I told her that I liked to hike and do lots of outdoor stuff. Of course that was not really exactly true, but I was certainly willing to go hiking with her, the girl really has it going on. The hiking has been fine, but I really bit off more than I wanted to chew when it came to rock climbing. I did not lie about that, but I told her I was willing to learn if she wanted to teach me. That involves a good deal of falling, a Campbell chiropractor just finished adjusting my back. I guess it is sort of like whiplash, because I never really hit anything, but I kept falling off the rock face. It was a good thing that the safety line was there and that it was well secured in the rock face, but that did not mean that it did not hurt. Continue reading I Am Not Good at Rock Climbing

A Good Way to Repair a Wrist Injury

I spent some time recently with a chiropractor in Mesa AZ due to a persistent wrist injury that simply would not go away. Maybe it’s because I’m older and injuries tend to hang around longer. More likely the problem was misdiagnosed by my doctor. What happened was that my dog got out of the house and made a break for freedom. I raced out the back door after him and promptly tripped over a garden hose my husband left lying out in the yard. I tried to stop my fall with my hands and seriously hurt my wrist.

My doctor said nothing looked torn but still put me in one of those short casts you sometimes see on people who have carpal tunnel syndrome. Continue reading A Good Way to Repair a Wrist Injury

The Best for a Needed Fix

I had to look online for major appliance repair in Sacramento recently due to my adorable toddler son. He’s a great, sunny kid to have around, but he’s also a major troublemaker who has caused a lot of damage around the house. The most recent incident involved him playing in the sandbox my husband built for him in the backyard. Doesn’t sound like trouble, right? Usually it isn’t, but he got it into his head to bring in a bucket of sand which he promptly poured into the detergent tray in the dishwasher! Of course someone turned it on.

I didn’t think I’d ever hear that kind of noise coming from the dishwasher. When I opened the machine I quickly noticed most of the plates and glasses were broken and the rest of the stuff was scraped up really bad. Continue reading The Best for a Needed Fix

Cheap Limo Rentals for Wedding

I can’t believe how expensive weddings can be these days, it is kind of overwhelming to plan and try to figure out how you are going to pay for every aspect of a wedding. But that is what I am trying to do right now, and it is a bit harder than I had imagined. Anyway, right now I am trying to figure out how to pay for a limo company to rent us a limo for the day of the wedding, and I am looking around at different companies to see who is going to offer me the best deal for the rental.

I really need to get it for a cheap price, because the budget of this wedding has already been pushed to the limit. I am contemplating if there might be a way to take out a small loan to make it easier to afford everything for this wedding, because I really do want it to be special. It is my only daughter’s wedding, and she means so much to me that I want to do everything that I can to make it the best wedding that she can possibly have, given the budget constraints that we have the moment.

It is going to be tough, but I am going to do everything in my power to pull it off. I know that I will have to be resourceful and maybe try to call up some people for favors in order to decrease the costs of getting certain things done for the wedding. The venue that we are having the wedding at is taking up a huge portion of the total budget, but my daughter has her heart set on it, so I don’t think that there is anything that can be done to lower that cost.

Give Your Pet Canaries a Real Treat!

We bought a canary for our son. He wanted a bird as a pet. He thought it was lonely after a month or so, and then we decided to get another one. We have one male and one female bird now. Then we noticed that they never sang. There was rarely a peep out of them. We are always concerned about animals. We want them to be happy. We got them a bigger shelter, and we bought them a canary singing CD. They were hatched in captivity, so they could never be let out into the wild to live free. A predator would snatch them up in a hurry.

We played the CD on repeat. We left it play the whole time we were gone at work and school. We bought them the second canary singing CD that is available too. It was not long that they were both singing the songs of their wild relatives. Continue reading Give Your Pet Canaries a Real Treat!

Fun Party Theme for My Gardening Best Friend

My best friend is an incredible gardener. She grows everything from flowers to vegetables and maintains a small orchard of fruit trees in her yard as well. When her birthday was approaching, I gathered up her family and friends and we wanted to play a bit of a prank on her by placing gigantic fruits and vegetables throughout her garden and trees. To that end, I found a large overwatch onion plush toy that I simply could not resist. It had the cutest face and I knew several would look so cute nestled amongst her real onions in her garden.

Getting my friend to leave her house so we could adorn her trees and garden with our fun fruit and vegetable replicas was much more difficult than finding the over-sized food we would be decorating with. I enlisted the help of my friend’s mom who agreed to call and claim she needed a ride to her doctor to get my friend out of her house. As soon as I spotted my friend driving away, we went to work setting up for the party. In the end, her garden looked as if a giant had been tending it with my big cute onions, some huge pea pods, a six foot long ear of corn and tomatoes the size of basketballs. The trees were all filled with big plush apples and another friend found some giant plastic peaches that we hung up as well. Her flower beds were filled with over-sized silk daisies in wild neon colors too.

By the time my friend arrived home after a wild goose chase with her mother, her yard looked like something out of an animated wonderland. She got such a good laugh because of our efforts and after the party she sent us all home with big baskets of real fruit and vegetables and we left her with her yard filled with the toys we had found.

I Have Never Looked Better

I started looking for a piece of gym equipment nearly a year ago. I had every intention of joining a gym, but I just never seemed to have the time. I wanted to lose some weight, but I also wanted to get toned. I did not want to go jogging to do this, and I am not the type to dance in front of my TV as I sweat. That left buying a piece of equipment, so I started researching the best pieces. That is how I ended up getting the Total Gym 1400 Deluxe, which has turned out to be even better than I was expecting. Continue reading I Have Never Looked Better

A Japanese Game That Makes You Look Better to Employers if You Master It

It takes a while but games from other countries often get picked up by American kids. Baseball is an American game popular in Japan. Kendama is a game that is played with a toy that is popular in Japan. It is like the old cup and ball game where you catch a ball attached by a string to a cup. The game has rules, and is even tiered by official rankings. Those who take it seriously and learn the tough moves and can do all kinds of tricks in kendama are actually considered by companies in Japan as better prospects for employees. And here you guys thought all you needed to do to impress your Japanese clients was to be great at golf and karaoke!

Kendama is taking off in other countries. There is even a World Cup championship for playing with the toy. Continue reading A Japanese Game That Makes You Look Better to Employers if You Master It

How to Get Rid of Those Age Blemishes

I looked into esoteria cream after a friend suggested the product to help reduce the appearance of age spots. I started getting them relatively early in my life, after age forty, and they have only gotten worse as the years slipped by. It’s gotten to the point where I’m very conscious of the them and go out of my way to hide them using any method possible. Some blemishes on my face, for example, I can hide with heavier make up application. The stuff on your hands or neck is much harder to hide. I needed something to get rid of them.

I tried various vitamin supplements and a lot of creams and ointments, but nothing got rid of them. They didn’t even work to lighten them all that much. I despaired of ever finding a solution until my previously mentioned acquaintance stepped in and said something called esoteria cream worked for her. Continue reading How to Get Rid of Those Age Blemishes

I Have Started a New Diet

It is going to be pretty difficult, since I need to lose about twenty five pounds if I am going to really get to what is my ideal weight. However that is a pretty steep goal to go after and so I am going to be looking to get half of it first. A friend of mine went to this center for weight loss in Johns Creek GA. It is a hard thing for me to do really, because I really have a tough time sticking to stuff that is really hard and that is what you are going to find when you want to lose weight. I have done it before and I have lost the weight, but it comes right back like a lost puppy. It is not so hard for me to tell you how to do it, although I do not think that it is a very enjoyable thing. Continue reading I Have Started a New Diet

I Needed to Redo My Website

When my website was designed years ago, it was created with the thought that people would access it with their desktop computers and laptops. There was never much thought given to people using mobile devices or tablets, because those things just were not around like they are today. Because of that, my site looks great for the people who access it from a computer, but it is sorely lacking for those who look at it from a cell phone or a tablet computer. I needed to find a company that does web design in Roswell so I could have it redesigned for the mobile users.

I knew that this was a necessity because I use my own cell phone to look up things on the net more than I use my home computer. When I am at work, I will use my work desktop, but I am looking up personal things during that time. Continue reading I Needed to Redo My Website

Playing Poker Any Time I Want to

My buddies and I used to get together at least once a week to play poker for a few hours. When I had to move because of my job, it was just too far for me to travel to have some fun with cards. I did miss playing though, and I decided to go online to see if I could find any local poker tournaments that I could participate in. What I found was so much better though. QQ Poker is a website that has a lot of different poker websites on it for people in Indonesia to play.

The sites are well known ones, and there is plenty of information about each one. I really like everything about it, especially that I can play at any time of day or night. We were restricted to just once a week with my pals, or maybe twice a week on a rare month when our schedules would all match. Having to plan out when I want to play a game of poker is a thing of the past now that I can go to any of the gaming websites found on the QQ Poker site. Continue reading Playing Poker Any Time I Want to

A Hoodie for My Best Friend

My dog means the world to me. I got him when he was abandoned and picked up by the local humane officer. He was taken to the shelter, and his picture was put on their social media site to see if anyone wanted to adopt him. I was the lucky one who got to take him home, and we have been best friends ever since. I love to take him for walks every day, no matter what the temperature is outside. That is why I wanted to shop around for a warm hoodie for dog, because I simply did not want him getting cold out there.

I figured I could go to the local pet store and pay a premium price, or I could go online and get it for a lot lower because of competitive online pricing. I did a search for dog hoodies, and that is how I came to find the shop where I have been buying his stuff ever since. There are so many things there, but the first thing I got him was the hoodie since we were getting ready to go into the winter season, which can be extremely frigid at times. Continue reading A Hoodie for My Best Friend

I Am Back on Track with My Finances

I was amazed when my debit card was declined for payment on groceries. Beyond that, I was extremely embarrassed as well. I quickly went home and called the bank, and that is when I found out that the Internal Revenue Service had put a freeze on my bank account. I knew that they could play hardball with people, but I thought that they mainly went for the ones who owed a lot of money. I was scared because I had no idea what to do. I ended up contacting a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney because I didn’t know where else to turn.

If it was just the IRS, I would have been able to figure something out on my own probably. Continue reading I Am Back on Track with My Finances

I Did Not Have Time to Lay in Bed Day After Day

I was quickly losing faith that I was going to get better anytime soon. The car accident that I had been in was pretty bad, and I had been stuck in the hospital for 2 weeks. When I was released from the hospital, I incorrectly assumed that I would get back to normal pretty quickly, but I found that even walking across the room was a big struggle. I just wanted to get back to work. I finally looked up the best San Jose chiropractor to make an appointment with and told him that I needed help getting back on my feet again as quickly as possible.

I am not someone who can be idle. I always need to be busy, and if I’m not busy, I easily become bored. Laying in bed at home reading magazines was not my idea of staying busy. Continue reading I Did Not Have Time to Lay in Bed Day After Day

Putting the Other Companies to Shame

After being annoyed with the terrible greeting cards that I had seen in the stores for many years, I decided that I would take matters into my own hands. I was pretty good at drawing and making art, and I knew a thing or two about how to use card stock, so I decided that I would make my own greeting cards. The cards were so good that people suggested that I open my own business. I contacted a company for small business web design in Brisbane, because I wanted to create a website that would advertise my cards and let people order them. Continue reading Putting the Other Companies to Shame

Bringing Life Back to My Marriage

I love my wife Jenny more than life itself. She has always been there for me in my time of need. She was with me during my trials and triumphs. Jenny helped me be the successful person I am today. She always motivated and stood by me when others did not. Recently, our marriage hit a rough patch. We do not spend time with each other. Our marriage was dying. I thought about getting Sildenafil in Australia. I needed to save my marriage.

I meet my wife Jenny back in college. We both were communication majors. She was so smart and outgoing. I felt that she was completely out of my league. I felt I did not have a chance with her at all. Continue reading Bringing Life Back to My Marriage

We Needed It Fixed Quickly

As a station manager at a very, very small televisions station, I recently needed some broadcast equipment repair on a very old audio mixer or else we would likely have to fade to black. It was that serious. Either the equipment got fixed or our reruns of old television programs would go to air without sound. Some wit threw out the idea of broadcasting the shows with subtitles or closed captioning, an idea none of us thought was amusing.

This piece of equipment is always fouling up, but we’re very small and run on a contract with the local cable company and can’t afford to drop tens of thousands on a state of the art piece of audio equipment. We had to get this thing running again or risk shutting down. Doing so would cost us a lot of money in fines with the cable company as we’re required to provide a certain number of hours of transmission due to our contract.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but the guy who fixes everything from this piece of equipment to the coffee maker in the break room is in the hospital with a fractured leg and it was absolutely impossible to get him down to the station in order to fix the problem. In a pinch we found a company who works on broadcast equipment and we called them in a hurry. They came by quickly, once the situation was explained, and we were astonished that they got this old rig to work. We figured no one would know how to get this thing going again, but they managed to fix it. We were so pleased with the service that we are definitely going to keep this company on speed dial just in case we need an emergency troubleshooter again. They saved the day.

Making a Change Was Necessary for a Good Future

I had worked in retail for many years, and I learned the ins and outs of running a store after I became a manager at one. I worked there for about 15 years and was pain well. I decided to open a store of my own. I told cheap smartphones and a lot of other merchandise that people really need. My goal was to try to stay in business by offering things for sale that people not only want, but they really need. It was working out well for me. I liked being able to stay ahead of other nearby businesses with the great idea that I had.

I was not always so with it when it comes to working. I had always been so flighty in my teens and twenties. I was often fired from a variety of jobs because I partied too much and often did not make it into work on too many occasions. I knew that it was the wrong way to live, but I didn’t care because I was having fun. As my bills piled up and I ruined my credit because I could not afford to pay all my bills, I started to mature much more. I became more focused and began caring more about what I needed to do in life. That is how I came to be a manager.

Opening a place of my own gave me even more purpose in life. I knew that I could not let down my husband and children by failing with a company of my own. They depended on me. When my husband saw how well things were working out, he decided to come work with me. I really enjoy going to work every day with him at my side. We make a good couple in all other avenues in life and working together has been no different.